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to the left:

Gitte Engberg, Art Consulting

Kit Faber Boesdal, Founder and Owner, Art Consulting

Dorothea Bruun de Neergaard, Art Consulting, Art historian

Oskar SkjĂžnnemand, Art Consulting, Art historian student



We work with art in the intersection between artists, enterprises and private customers.  We work differently because we don't have a permanent gallery. We seek to make art more democratized by bringing art nearer the customers.

  • We sell art that suits you
  • GalleryChannel stands for high quality. All our artists have graduated from the finest art schools in the world. They have exhibited nationally and internationally in highly ranked museums and galleries
  • Green room Is a new department within GalleryChannel where we work with quality but yet affordable art 
  • Blue Room  Is our department in GalleryChannel managing exhibitions in castles and manor houses
  • Our Danish artists will personally meet you and potentially your guest and customers
  • We curate Pop-Up exhibitions
  • We associate Danish business closely with Danish artists




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