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On the shelf

 Pop Up Exhibitions

GalleryChannel host pop up temporary exhibitions that run for a day to a month or more in different locations in Denmark and Mallorca with recognized artists.

GalleryChannel presents contemporary art from Denmark and Spain. While its main focus is contemporary painting, sculpture and photography

An independent art advisor consultant


We advice you to build and manage your collection of art over time.


Understanding your vision

Consult on themes for artworks and suggest ideas for art in interiors & outdoors.

Contextual art research

Extensively research the artworks' context, curating themes for art and sourcing options for the art collection.

Identifying key locations for art

Survey design plans to establish key locations for art outdoors and in interiors, and curate art placement.

Develop an artwork strategy

Create a detailed proposal for the artworks, including creating concepts



Source and collaborate with contemporary artists tailored specially for the art project.


Art installation, presentation & art framing

Devise art presentation solutions, including fixings for artworks, integrated lighting for art, and framing.